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National Reference in Results and Quality

Abdalla e Landulfo Advogados is a Brazilian benchmark in terms of results and quality in the LITIGATION sector, as it is evidenced by the performance awards conferred consistently by clients over the years. In 2018, for example, the office was the winner in 13 of the 14 categories of services provided to the country’s largest private bank.


This performance in the LITIGATION area is due to the experience and technical knowledge applied with methodology and regularity for many years. In addition, delivery rates have been amplified with the contribution of technology and digital intelligence applied to the advocacy and office work.


A pioneer in digital transformation in the sector, Abdalla e Landulfo have developed a Technological Operational Support area which operates with automated services and Business Intelligence tools, used to speed up some processes and monitor numbers, statistics and trends in order to assertively and efficiently handle customer demands, increasing its success rate.


The use of technology also promotes gains in organization and productivity, reverted to the benefit of clients. Office lawyers have more time to develop a closer and fruitful relationship with clients, to better understanding about the demands they have received. In practice, this means greater proximity to processes, differentiated monitoring of actions, and greater opportunities for counseling and guidance.